Up, Up, & Away!

August, 7 2020

Summer is in full swing, and so are things on the EuroCity site, with the development really starting to take shape! We are pleased to announce that the basement slab for the car-parking is now complete, and the retaining walls are in place, with works progressing at a fast pace. Things are also getting very exciting on the ground floor, with the commercial centre and the area known as the “Occulus” (pictured below) now being formed – the sunlight entering this area is going to be striking once complete. 

Most impressive however, is the third floor (podium level) where the transfer slab (an engineering structure spreading the weight of the tower evenly across the podium) for Carrara is well advanced, and the swimming pool area is now in construction. You can see all these exciting developments in our latest time-lapse video, featured below!