A Festive Update From The EuroCity Site

December, 16 2019

What a wonderful time of the year it is! The holidays are fast approaching, gifts are piling up under the trees and Christmas spirit is very much in the air. But whilst everyone prepares for the festivities, our contractors have been busy on site, and so we are delighted to bring you our latest EuroCity update.

We are pleased  to announce that the main rotary bored piling works are complete and that the smaller micro piles under Murano will also be finished by mid-December.

However, it is said that good things never come easy, and despite a very strong start, works on the pile caps are continuing at a slower pace than expected due to several challenges that have been encountered onsite. Mainly, this is due to the tide affecting water levels within the excavation, meaning that our contractors are only able to dewater the site during certain hours of the day. However this challenge has been met head on, with our contractors creating a unique on-site water filtration system to allow for larger amounts of water to be safely processed and discharged off the site, as well as bringing in larger pumps to facilitate the dewatering process.

The best bit of news however? That in areas where the pile caps have been successfully completed, our contractors are now officially building above the ground, with the first section of the basement slab laid between the Murano and Carrara towers, with the ground floor slabs expected to be constructed early in the new year! What an exciting development! To further try and recover lost time , the contractor is now proposing to use three tower cranes and increase resources when the works allow, as well as working through the holiday period in December. And finally, we’d like to use this opportunity to wish you a lovely festive season, and a wonderful start to the New Year. Below you can find our time-lapse video, showing you all the progress we’ve made in 2019 – truly what an exciting year this has been!