Pile Caps In Process, Crane Erected

October, 25 2019

Autumn is truly upon us, and with the changing of the seasons we are delighted to bring you the latest from the EuroCity site. Progress had continued uninterrupted all summer and we are pleased to announce the the storm water pipe diversion was completed as planned. Simultaneously our contractors have been hard at work with the pile caps, constructing them individually on site (with love and tender care!) with 37 pile caps completed to date, and with pile cap completion for Carrara estimated at the end of November and for Murano end of December.

The most exciting news of all however? That we can hopefully begin to see EuroCity rising from the ground very soon, with the Carrara crane successfully erected on the 22nd of September and now operating – watch this space!

We’ve been catching all this amazing progress on our timelapse camera’s – check out the latest footage now!