Pile Caps Under Carrara Completed!

February, 23 2020

The new decade is truly upon us, and as we head into the roaring 20’s of this century, we are delighted to bring you the latest update from the EuroCity site.

We’d like to lead this update with some truly exciting news – we are pleased to announce that pile caps for Carrara have now been successfully completed! A huge amount of reinforcement steel has been fixed, with an impressive 700m3 of concrete being poured on site during the process.

Murano purchasers will be pleased to note that pile cap completion for Murano will follow on immediately after Carrara with similar quantities of concrete, with our contractors estimating that this will be complete in March.

And some additional exciting news – a second crane has been erected by the Murano tower, meaning the site will have two active cranes in preparation for the towers to start making their way up and out of the ground!

We would also like to take this opportunity to present to you the latest instalment of the EuroCity time-lapse video, giving you a birds-eye view of everything happening on site.