All The Latest From The EuroCity Site!

February, 14 2022

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest from the EuroCity site.

As we’re approaching completion, Carrara interiors are progressing at a rapid pace, with kitchens, wardrobes, sanitary-ware, sockets and switching all now being fitted. The contractors are also working on the corridors and communal areas, with wall and floor tiling being laid. As this first phase of the project draws to a close the main contractor is also liaising closely with all service providers such as GEA and AquaGib, as well as coordinating access-way works to the new development.

Meanwhile Murano tower is advancing nicely, with floor tiling as well as balcony windows and doors being fitted. Porcelana tower is close behind, with apartment partitions now mostly fitted.

On an exciting note for Carrara residents expecting a hot summer ahead, the pool construction is also now nearing completion, with the pool pump room installed and awaiting commissioning!